Our goal is to unite you and your puppy in the most stress-free manner possible.  We put the safety and happiness of your puppy above everything else!

Although picking up your puppy in person at the breeder is ideal, we understand this is simply not practical for everybody. To accommodate those who cannot pick up their puppy in person, we offer two travel options:



We can send the puppy of your choice to your closest major airport via air. We work with airlines that have only professionals taking care of your puppy while it is in their care.

Shipping is optional to you should you find it difficult to get to our home. Our current fee for this service is $150.00, which will include a brand new 200 series crate for the comfortable travel of your new pet, a certified veterinarian’s health certificate “required by the airline”, and airline charges.

If this is your first time having a puppy shipped to you from a breeder, it might sound like a complicated event. However, this is now a common and safe method for owners to obtain their dream puppy from breeders around the country. Airlines have procedures in place to ensure that the process is safe and stress-free for your puppy.

Local airlines provide a list of approved kennels, which we will utilize to ship your puppy in. Then once the puppy is boarded onto the plane, it will typically be placed in the live animal chambers in the cargo compartment while in the new 200 series crate included in your air shipping. This is actually a safe and comfortable place for the puppy, and the airlines have decades of experience in dealing with live animals.

We will book a reservation with the airline right after you make your payment on the puppy and will forward the reservation information to you so that you can be ready to pick up your new best friend at the airport. Most of the times, the puppy can arrive in just a few hours; but Keep in mind that airline schedule, space availability, as well as the weather play an important part when sending a puppy by air.

Don’t let distance get in the way of you and your dream puppy! As professional breeders, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that your puppy is shipped safely to your location.

Thanks to Campos Welsh Corgi we have the most amazing puppy, Otis, who has brought so much joy to our lives. Our experience with Campos Welsh Corgi has been absolutely fantastic; from the moment I contacted her a few months back, Campos Welsh Corgi has been attentive and prompt with her responses. What makes Campos Welsh Corgi even more special is her attention to detail in how she raises her puppies from the day they are born to puppy pick up day. My husband and I were so impressed with how she had already started training them to use pee pads ( since they are not able to go outside yet as the pups are not fully vaccinated at the time of pick up), early toenail trims and she creates a nurturing and loving yet independent environment for the puppies. We are so happy that we went with Becca and her puppies. I would HIGHLY recommend any future corgi owners to Campos Welsh Corgi.

If it wasn’t for Campos Welsh Corgi I would not have my little pride and joy. She will definitely work with you to make sure you get your perfect pup! I got my puppy from her in September and I am already going back for another one. Campos Welsh Corgi keeps you updated on your pup with pictures or online until you pick it up. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from her to anybody!! It doesn’t hurt that all the past Campos Welsh Corgi pups have become a big family!!:

I met one of Campos Welsh Corgi’s corgis at an open mall. Winston came up to my wheelchair and I just fell in love with him. His owners recommended Campos Welsh Corgi with enthusiasm and said I would just love her. She has been beyond helpful with picking our pup. She answered all of (and I had many) questions promptly with caring and encouraging advice. I’m so grateful for our Louisa and we just love her. She also had a head start with the potty pads which is making potty training surprisingly easy. I highly recommend Campos Welsh Corgi. The care and love she has for her pups is so touching. Thanks so much for our Angel