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Campos Welsh Corgi ’ Policies

Below you will find the policies you’ll need to agree to before leaving a deposit on one of our puppies. Please read through it carefully. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

A. To the best of our knowledge said puppy/dog is in healthy and sound condition at the time of sale. Buyer has 72 hours from the time of delivery/pick-up to have vet check done on said puppy. Vet check must be done by a licensed veterinarian. Puppy must receive two more intervals of parvo and distemper after puppy leaves our home, administered by a licensed veterinarian, to be scheduled at time of the 72 hour vet check. If a buyer fails to have a vet check done within 72 hours or fails to continue vaccines as stated above, the parties agree that any guarantee will be considered null and void.

B. All puppies/dogs are sold as PET QUALITY only, this does not mean they are, or are not show/breed quality. If you choose to breed, we just ask that you do so responsibly. Do this at your own risk. Complications can arise and we will not be responsible. Not all dogs are capable of having puppies. This is not something we can know when evaluating an 8 week old puppy. This is not covered even if you buy a puppy/dog with the intention of breeding. We are only liable to the extent stated in this contract. We reserve the right to charge a breeder fee of 50% for breeding rights, unless otherwise agreed upon.

a. If you are buying a male with the intention to breed, we do not guarantee him to have viable semen. We do not guarantee him to actually breed. If you buy a male puppy, you may request a vet check to make sure both testicles are there before pick-up/shipment. Your veterinarian will check to verify that both testicles are there on the 72 hour vet check. We do not replace puppies/dogs once they have left for testicles, or lack of.

b. There is not warranty against bad bites. When the puppy/dog leaves, if it is being purchased as a possible breeding dog, we will make sure it has a scissor bite. Bites can sometimes change. All we can guarantee is that it is a correct scissor bite when the puppy leaves at 8 weeks. By request, this can be checked and noted by a vet, as well. Once the puppy leaves, a change is not covered, and the puppy/dog will not be replaced.

C. Health Guarantee does not cover any parasite, internal or external, as this is a treatable condition.

D. We do NOT guarantee against respiratory infections, coccidiosis, or giardia because these are all preventable or treatable.

E. Seller will NOT be responsible for Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or the effects of any stress related illness due to traveling/rehoming. Buyer must make certain that their new puppy eats and gets PLENTY of rest.

F. Only untreatable, genetic diseases, or defects will be considered for a replacement. (We offer a five year genetic health guarantee.) If a puppy from Rustic Barn Kennels is diagnosed with a genetic disorder, and the buyer is requesting a replacement, we ask that the buyer present us with a written form from a licensed veterinarian stating the diagnosis.

G. A dog will not be replaced if it has been altered or bred.

As the seller, we understand that the typical puppy buyer is not necessarily as experienced with raising puppies as we are. If there is any concern at any time with your puppy, please call right away for tips, suggestions, and/or advice. Sometimes, we can save unneeded trips to the vet. We are always happy to share knowledge, advice, and information that we have learned. It is better to call about a concern that turns out to be nothing, than to not call, and wish you had.

Seller is in no way responsible for any vet bills made after puppy/dog leaves the care of Rustic Barn Kennels. In the event that a problem should arise with said puppy, buyer should contact seller immediately. Each case is dealt with individually, as every situation is different.Seller will not refund money in any situation. Shipping is always the responsibility of the buyer, even in the event that the puppy is to be shipped back and/or replaced. Any and ALL vet bills are the responsibility of the buyer.

All shipping costs related to any dog being purchased is the responsibility of the buyer. Seller is not responsible for death of said puppy/dog due to negligence or carelessness of any airline or other live animal carrier, it’s agents or employees, or the buyer.

Any money placed on a puppy is non-refundable and non-transferable, for any reason.

This contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Montana. In the event of a dispute, the parties mutually agree that the dispute will be settled under the jurisdiction of Lake County, Montana. All parties mutually agree that all lawyer fees shall be paid by the buyer.

In the event that the court of law finds any part of this agreement unreasonable, all remaining provisions not deemed unreasonable will stand as agreed upon.

This agreement sets forth the entire agreement between parties. This agreement may not be changed, altered or amended except in a writing signed by both parties.

Puppy Care

We highly recommend puppy classes or obedience training for your puppy. They are very cute while they are puppies, but they very soon become teenagers. Any bad behaviors learned while still, a cute puppy may not be acceptable/cute any longer. This is the main reason that the rescue groups have so many dogs.

Please don’t let this happen to your puppy. Take this responsibility seriously and do all that you can to have a dog you can enjoy for his/her entire life. He/she will pay you back more than you can give him/her if you will take the time while he/she is young to teach.
If you have any questions about our policies, please Contact Us. Thank you!

Thanks to Campos Welsh Corgi we have the most amazing puppy, Otis, who has brought so much joy to our lives. Our experience with Campos Welsh Corgi has been absolutely fantastic; from the moment I contacted her a few months back, Campos Welsh Corgi has been attentive and prompt with her responses. What makes Campos Welsh Corgi even more special is her attention to detail in how she raises her puppies from the day they are born to puppy pick up day. My husband and I were so impressed with how she had already started training them to use pee pads ( since they are not able to go outside yet as the pups are not fully vaccinated at the time of pick up), early toenail trims and she creates a nurturing and loving yet independent environment for the puppies. We are so happy that we went with Becca and her puppies. I would HIGHLY recommend any future corgi owners to Campos Welsh Corgi.

If it wasn’t for Campos Welsh Corgi I would not have my little pride and joy. She will definitely work with you to make sure you get your perfect pup! I got my puppy from her in September and I am already going back for another one. Campos Welsh Corgi keeps you updated on your pup with pictures or online until you pick it up. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from her to anybody!! It doesn’t hurt that all the past Campos Welsh Corgi pups have become a big family!!:

I met one of Campos Welsh Corgi’s corgis at an open mall. Winston came up to my wheelchair and I just fell in love with him. His owners recommended Campos Welsh Corgi with enthusiasm and said I would just love her. She has been beyond helpful with picking our pup. She answered all of (and I had many) questions promptly with caring and encouraging advice. I’m so grateful for our Louisa and we just love her. She also had a head start with the potty pads which is making potty training surprisingly easy. I highly recommend Campos Welsh Corgi. The care and love she has for her pups is so touching. Thanks so much for our Angel